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This months firm under the microscope is Kaim Todner LLP.

Founded in 1990 by Karen Todner and Robert Kaim the Firm currently has 8 Directors, 100 employees making it a well established and substantially sized city legal firm.

Kaim Todner tends to predominantly work on high profile Human Rights Legal Aid cases, specialising in particularly vulnerable clients, whom are often dealing with debilitating mental health problems.

With three offices situated in London, (Bolt Court, Islington and Southwark) and one in Kent, Kaim Todner LLP are ideally situated to service Extradition cases across the city of London and the South of England.

Service Levels

We have found that Kaim Todner LLP provide an extremely efficient service, utilising high speed IT systems and the latest in research to provide all clients with an exceptional level of service wherever their location, and their approachable friendly attited is most welcome in what is often a stressful situation.

One of their more impressive features is the provision of a 24-hour emergency service for all those under arrest. This often means that a lawyer from the firm will attend London Police Stations within the hour and if a client is arrested outside London then they will either attend themselves or arrange for a local specialist to attend on our behalf.

On a whole, The Extradition Solicitor Review have not seen an example of a more well rounded and advanced Extradition Solicitor in London or any where else in the UK and hope that Kaim Todner LLP continue to keep providing their clients with the exceptional service that they have come to expect of this world class Extradition Solicitor Firm.

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